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fangirling in front of your friends for the first time and being the first person they have ever seen fangirl. It  pretty funny especially if they're dudes.

Or run down the hallway saying fangirl stuff that no one understands.

Is there another option?....

Orphan Black // Misfits // The Walking Dead // Game Of Thrones // The Mortal Instruments // The Infernal Devices // Ender's Game Series // Harry Potter // Star Wars // A Certain Slant Of Light // House Of Night // Sherlock//

John Green everyone...I still love him anyways! But ok, I'd exclaim that I have sharpie on my face if I had sharpie on my face!! It's SHARPIE

Dear book fans, This is what John Green really is. Love, The Nerdfighters.

Okay I'm done with the Internet today! xDDD I had no clue people still watch this  But it's funny

In a land of burgers, and a time of fries, the destiny of a great fast food restaurant rests on the shoulders of a young employee. His name: Merlin. His boss: Aurther

Every girl and boy in my fandom has had to do this st least once a week....possibly two...

I literally do this almost every night. Why do you think all my Homestuck pins are from like <<< And then I wonder why my eyes HURT XD but my dreams af night and gallery at phone are nice and these are big pros 😀😀