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My personality type – INFJ

What an INFJ does when the world becomes a suckfest.

Infj....so true...people who choose to be “evil“ really do live the wrong life...all their attempts to be a good person on occasion are a lie...like...“there's no right life in the wrong world“...all the love they think they're experiencing...it's a false love...you only can live a real life if you are a good person...if you try to do what is right...if there are no lies...and only honesty...always...and if you are not lying to yourself...never

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#infj #empath #HSP

#infj #empath #HSP

[INFJ] INFJ how i see myself meme

The rare personality type

Shouldn't that say 'countless'...? Oh well. Still accurate.

INFJ is one of the 16 personality types of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). INFJ stands for introverted intuitive feeling & judging. of women are INFJ, and of men are INFJ Type.

INFJ wanderer above the Sea of Fog

infj - Painting by Caspar David Friedrich

The introvert mind

The introvert mind INFP welcome to my world where I treasure getting lost,

INFJ: When the world sucks, make a new one.

INFJ: When the world sucks, make a new one.

INFJs In A Nutshell :Save the world

How to care for an infj list