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Banana plants are so gorgeous, clean your air, and are safe for cats!

12 Life-Changing Plants That Filter Your Air - Safe For Cats Too

House Tour: A Modern Boston House With a Sunroom Modern licht interieur in Boston met ratanstoel en grote plant


Many of the decorative plants that we have grown to beautify our interiors are tropical indoor plants. Both beautiful and unusual, tropical indoor plants are a popular.

Have a black thumb? This is what you didn't know

Here's Why You Can't Keep Your Plants Alive

Rubber Tree | Heart Leafed Philodendron | Staghorn Fern | Fiddle Leaf Fig | Aloe Plant | Monstera Deliciosa/”Cottage Cheese Plant” | Zamioculcas/”ZZ Plant”  | Golden Pothos | Snake Plant | String of Pearls | Banana Plant |

Decorating with Nature

Rubber Tree Heart Leafed Philodendron Staghorn Fern Fiddle Leaf Fig Aloe Plant Monstera Deliciosa/”Cottage Cheese Plant” Zamioculcas/”ZZ Plant” Golden Pothos Snake Plant String of Pearls Banana Plant

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