another cute early shot of #georgeharrison #beatles

1964 - George Harrison in A Hard Day’s Night film promo session (photo by Robert Freeman).

16 September 1963: George Harrison holidays in America | The Beatles Bible

Article on George Harrison's first trip to the USA, with stops in New York, St Louis and Benton, IL, on the Beatles Bible website.

My favorite Beatle always and forever.

1964 - George Harrison in A Hard Day’s Night film promo session (photo by Robert Freeman).


1962 - George Harrison (photo by Astrid Kirchherr).

Paul McCartney, Richard Starkey, John Lennon, and George Harrison

Some Happy Holiday Beatles

George H. Harrison, simply stunning!

The Art of Living, George Harrison,and whatever.


George Harrison (my favorite beatle, personally, him and Ringo for some…


George Harrison in Stuart Sutcliffe’s art studio at Astrid Kirchherr’s house, 1962

George Harrison  con Asahi Pentax

i love the beatles

hellow ♥ kiss

The Beatles featuring Paul McCartney George Harrison John Lennon and Ringo Starr

George in Germany, June 1966

George takes a drag

I'm Luzia, I love George Harrison a long time, and Beatles too.

Paul McCartney and George Harrison (photo by Ringo Starr)

George feeding Paul a spoonful of ice cream


The Beatles, The Beach Boys and stuff.

George checking out the secretary's legs in AHDN! LOL  Love it!

George Harrison was ridiculously good looking, unfgh laylaa: “ little-willow: “ ifuckinglovetea: “ prettygirlsmakegraves-: “ ifuckinglovetea: “ bliddynora: “ ifuckinglovetea: “ He’d have got it ” ” He.

George Harrison ““George was always the most reluctant Beatle. He loved the music and he certainly enjoyed the girls on the road, but he hated the intrusion that came with being a Beatle.