Taurus - A Taurus is not about to waste their time on anyone who doesn't know the meaning of commitment.

Zodiac Mind - A Taurus mentality: I'm sorry if you don't like me, but the truth is i don't plan on chaning for anybody!


A Taurus Woman is the strongest woman in the zodiac. They are not one to mess with. Unlike the other 11 signs of the zodiac, what you see with her is what you get, no hidden agenda.that would be my baby girl


A Taurus woman loves to spoil her man. And which man does not secretly desire to be babied!


You can always trust and believe in a Taurus. They will never let you down and if they do they always have a pretty good reason.,,,thats me a Taurus.


Me and husband both are taureans.thing he is the very energetic one and im the lazy ones 😝😝

Taurus: How is a Taurus. Hard time forgiving when it's over loss of security (too bad my ex was too idiotic to get that), loyal, deep thinker.

I am shocked at how accurate this all is. Good thing I only argue for entertainment with my husband who is also a Taurus and equally amused by it.

It's true, but why is that? Can anyone tell me, 'cause I don't and I'm a frustrated Taurus :(

It's hard to argue with a Taurus because they keep going for hours without-getting tired.

Taurus Mentality: I'm good at giving myself pretty much everything I need so I don't need you.

Taurus Mentality: I'm good at giving myself pretty much everything I need so I don't need you. If you're in my life, I WANT you in it, but I don't NEED you in it.


As a Taurus too much interference from others will make you irritated, frustrated and downright rebellious.


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Taurus have a good heart and do whatever they can to make someone feel comfortable and safe from judgement.

When a Taurus feel overwhelmed, they reevaluate their priorities & shift their energy to focus on what's more important.