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Polaris Specifications by trekmodeler

Here are the ship specifications for the USS Polaris. USS Polaris design and specifications by Michael Wiley Polaris Specifications

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Rise of the Federation: Live by the Code (Star Trek: Enterprise), a book by Christopher L.

The Eclipse Class is the application of lessons learned from her predecessors. With an impressive balance of scientific and defense abilities, she is tasked with multi-year missions of exploration.

An advanced strike vessel which incorporates the latest in Federation technology, the Courageous Class emphasizes its offensive capability among all others. This ensures optimum performance in comb.


Reinforcements by thefirstfleet on DeviantArt - 2 NX Class Starships & 2 Daedalus Class Starships

The New Orleans class, only seen as a wreck in the battle of Wolf 359 in Star Trek TNG Best of Both Worlds.

New Orleans Class Starship - only seen as a wreck in the battle of Wolf 359 in Star Trek TNG episode "The Best of Both Worlds"

Shakedown image - Star Trek: Armada 3 mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion - Mod DB

Solaris Class Slipstream Battlecruiser (foreground) and a Galaxy Class Explorer vessel (background).

Eminence Class Starship

The game begins with a standard mission, the Galaxy-class starship USS Dauntless is in orbit of a planet in the Vesuvi system. Captain Wright is onboard a shuttle en route to an orbital research station when the Vesuvi star suddenly goes.