Frida by zanocchi & starke, via Behance


The Frida stool and side table from Zanocchi & Starke are beautifully simple flatpack furniture designs featuring simply beautiful construction.

DIY 원목 짜맞춤 가구 만들기 및 전통소목 목공예 현대가구 전통옻칠 나전 익히기. 158. : 네이버 카페

Table by Dror Benshetrit utilizing his revolutionary system of space truss geometry, QuaDror. Benshetrit Media Storm O.

Patch by Polish design studio, Beza Projekt, is a set of connectors allowing you to design and build your own furniture.

Polish design studio Beza Projekt has created a range of joints for DIY furniture that resemble plasters from a first-aid kit. - Home Decorating DIY

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Here are my favourite timber fixing details which I would encourage all cabinet makers to invest that extra time into details such as these to bring joinery to life! Post 2 of 3 : 10 timber fixings


Roll Your Own Open Source Joint

Duann Scott at Ponoko notes that a CNC router isn't just a way of doing the same old thing faster, but opens up entirely new ways of putting things together and possible an entirely new aesthetic. Scott points us to Flexible Stream,

LA CAMPECHANA by Sebastian Lara Eguiluz, via Behance

"The Campechana" is a cabinet designed by Sebastian Lara, which takes it inspiration from traditional weaving and Mexican furniture from the modernist period of the Its name appears as a tribute to the building of the government palace of the San Fr…

Tobias Lugmeier's flush 3D printed connectors - detail

It's a Snap - 4 Furniture Designs with 3D Printed Connectors - LEO...

Tobias Lugmeier flush printed connectors - detail Maybe something for Printer Chat?