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Look at this article from a few decades ago...♥✤ | Keep the Glamour | BeStayBeautiful    Ladies take notice, the standards of “beauty” are always changing. Never feel the need to go to unnecessary extremes to fulfill someone else’s desires. You have the right to control how you look, don’t ever let anyone take that away from you.

Vintage Weight GAIN Ads from how times have changed. bkuschova Vintage Weight GAIN Ads from how times have changed. Vintage Weight GAIN Ads from how times have changed.

Hoovering is one of the key components of an Abusive Cycle. It is the tactic which ensures many abusers do not have to live alone. It can also act as the ‘plus’ side when the victim calculates the emotional balance sheet, manipulating them into sustaining the abusive relationship.  Like a tango, it takes two: the person doing the hoovering and the person being sucked.  Throw out that Hoover today.  From outofthefog.net

vintage ad for Hoover vacuum cleaners. "Christmas morning she'll be happier with a Hoover." housewife in a green and white shirtwaist dress admiring her present!

One day. I don't care if I live in a trailer in the ghetto, my sweetie gets to come home to a paradise. (I mean if he loves me as much as I love him)

HOW TO BE A GOOD WIFE? MY husband give this to me he wont have to worry about me trying to be a good wife he would have to worry about not turning up missing.

Housekeeping Monthly ~ 13 May 1955                REALLY??!!!

From a home economics textbook intended for high school girls, teaching them how to prepare for married life. A few ones that stuck out to me: "You have no right to question him." "A good wife always knows her place.

So this is the definition of feminine? I will never be able to say I'm feminine 'cause I got a no to every point. I can't imagine having to walk around with white gloves on and keeping them clean.

Are you feminine? Be ladylike and feminine at all times! Old school BS

Then and now photos. These are amazing

The History Channels advertising campaign .history really can be interesting and fun

These 44 Photos From The Past Won't Be In History Books. They're THAT Messed Up.

"The Last Kiss" WWII - Departure of the “Amerigo Vespucci” Egypt, 1963 - Who is the photographer?

it would be a sad world without sewing machines.  My little simple machine makes me supper duper happy!

Vintage sewing machine ad My mom had one of these.the first machine I learned to sew on!

Crazy, Shocking Retro Ads. From WTF to creepy, weird, sexist, near paedophilia, racist, inappropriate… advertisements, there’s a bit of everything you hopefully won’t see nowadays. The ‘politically correct’ can be annoying, but tasteless advertising is even worse. When you're irritated by political correctness, think for a moment how it all came about.

'the game is broomsticks' - broomsticks slacks, ['ring around rosie. or carol. or eleanor, etc. but you can only play if you wear broomsticks slacks. but if you don't want to play our way - take off our pants and go home.

Vatican Women's Rifle Team, disbanded 1938. Sister Juliette, far right, left the order to join the French Resistance.

Vatican Women& Rifle Team, disbanded Sister Juliette left the order to join the French Resistance.

Pinsomnia- This is for you lil' Allie;>

Pinsomnia - Inability to get enough sleep because is bloody addicting, This is so true.I blame my friend Erica for this addiction!

Photograph of a mother and a baby on a rainy day, supporting women's rights. During the Vicotrian Era, mothers or married women had very few job opportunities. Women did home-working or consisted of helping in a family-run business. Sweatshops also hired women. Sometimes women were involved in illegal work such as prostitution and kept their earning secret from their husband.

Women were reviled, kicked, beaten, ostracized and battled so women could vote. Don't disrespect their sacrifice by not exercising your vote -- every time you have the chance. -- "An American suffragette proclaiming 'Women! Use your vote,' circa "

Why thank you and I think I will have another glass

"Drinking a lot of wine alone is not lonely, it is romantic. Damn, self, you got nice eyes." We wholeheartedly agree, one of life's greatest pleasures!