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When a physics teacher knows his stuff. "Physics works, and I'm still alive!"

When a physics teacher knows his stuff - FunSubstance TV

There is no boring subject -just boring teachers.here's an amazing physics teacher!

Equilibrium State

Learn Reversible, Irreversible Reactions and Equilibrium Concept along with Explanation about Static Equilibrium and Dynamic Equilibrium

This color printable periodic table indicates each element's symbol, atomic number, name and maximum valence.

Printable Periodic Tables (PDF)

To help teach conduction I like to investigate the thermal properties of Styrofoam cups vs plastic cups.  Students surround the two cups types with cold or hot water and record the temperature change within the two cup types.  Visuals, worksheet, directions, and much more included

Heat Transfer, Convection, Conduction, Radiation Lesson

Because of the weight of the ends of the forks, and how they’re distributed behind the penny (closer to the glass), the center of gravity of the whole system is actually shifted quite significantly. If I’m right, it would actually have to be right where the penny meets the glass. This mean, in a sense, all the “weight” of the system of the forks and penny is resting right on that point, rather than out in the air, so if you balance it, it’ll be stable on the glass.     SCIENCE.

Funny pictures about The magic of Physics. Oh, and cool pics about The magic of Physics. Also, The magic of Physics photos.

Radioactive Decay Poster

Learn about Radioactive Decay with this bold and educational poster. The poster is perfect for being displayed in classrooms, school hallways and at home.

▶ How Radiation Works using Americium 241, Alpha Particles and Gamma Rays - YouTube smoke alarm

How radiation work using Americium 241 as an example as it radiates alpha particles and gamma rays, slowly undergoing radioactive decay to become Neptunium


We’re venturing tentatively into the border region between chemistry & physics today, with a look at some of the different types of nuclear radiation. These types vary in their composition, cha.

Neat infographic about the video series explaining various MATH concepts. I haven't looked at them, personally, but the ad here for them is awesome! ~Bon

All new videos and math resources, described beautifully in this AWESOME infographic!

The Periodic Table of Elements | STEM Sheets

Customizable and printable Periodic Table of Elements with atomic numbers, weights, symbols, electrons and names. Select the periodic table facts you need.

The Scientific Meme-thod

The Scientific Meme-thod // Scientific method and how people suck explained! Best meme collage spew or whatever the cool kids call them ever

Basics of Quantum Mechanics for Dummies

An Easy Explanation of the Basics of Quantum Mechanics for Dummies