Legitimately how this went down. Hamilton.

Legitimately how this went down except for the fact that he never spent a cent that wasn't his.

i have the last one 100% down

So far I have done one and a half of those things: Fall in love with Jonathan Groff, and I have written half of a musical.

I ship Them Waaaay to hard XD

I ship Them Waaaay to hard XD>>>>i have a problem legit every fanfic ive read on a webiste is lams and im even freaking writing a 25 cHAPTER STORY

I am basically a mix of all 3 Schuyler sisters honestly though, (everyone says I'm sweet like Lizzy, I obey rules and when I hang out with people my age tend to be forgotten like Peggy, and I'd totally give up my love for my sister and kill a boy for cheating on her or me like Angie

That awkward moment when Hamilton was a Federalist, not a Democrat, and the Federalist Party died out and cannot be reconciled with the modern Democratic Party.

Hamilton and Lawrence

Hamilton and Lawrence<<<<< they literally spelled laurens in the picture and you didnt spell it right

Finally I can post this, before it said a curse word -ha ha why did you even take it out in the first place it was fineeee the way it twas-

I think Burr would prefer Hell over Heaven w Hamilton, tbh<-- Agreed, but why is my smol hammy in heaven?