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The famous Bougatsa pies of Iordanis in Chania, Crete - Μπουγάτσα "Ιορδάνης",Χανιά

The famous Bougatsa pies of Iordanis in Chania, Crete - Μπουγάτσα…

Homemade Gjetost Recipe

Homemade Gjetost Recipe - A delicious homemade Norwegian cheese, made from the whey left over from making traditional cheese. (salty and sweet)

Cheese + Olives - Hania Municipal Market, Crete, Greece

My love affair with Kalitsounia started when Mr K and I visited Crete a few years ago. Kalitsounia (καλιτσούνια) are small pies, eit.

Make Homemade Mozzarella in just 30 minutes! Step-by-step photos included!

Homemade Mozzarella

Super-Aged Gouda If a gouda's been aged for more than three years, it turns into something more akin to candy than cheese. Hard, nearly crystalline, and straight-up sweet, this style of cheese can stand alone on a cheese plate, and serves a most excellent option for dessert for those persnickety non-dessert lovers.

13 Cheeses Everyone Should Know — The Cheesemonger

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