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I'm constantly torn in between "fuck this, I deserve better" and "I don't want anyone else".

I'm constantly torn in between "fuck this, I deserve better" and "I don't want…

How many can relate to this?

Its been a long time since I've spoke to you. And I thought I'd always feel like this, but after an hour tonight I don't know wtf I was doing with you for 3 years. You're weak and I can't deal with weak anymore.

Englis version..... My dearest Moon Queen, This almost precisely tells the truth of how I felt the day you laid eye on me at the Military Ball. Your innocence intrigued me but your eyes spoke softly to my heart & soul as if you knew me already. Without words I instantly all of me fell in love with you. I secretly carried that passion for you all these years without realizing you were my soulmate

I'm trying desperately to figure out what the reason was for putting him in my path. Other than heartbreak and ruining my self confidence and feeling totally conned and stupid, I don't know. Maybe i needed to learn that you really can't trust people.

That's the thing that keeps me going.. Keeps me moving forward.. never giving up..

I always worked hard to accomplish goals. I've been sidetracked with so much bitterness, hatred and sadness. It's time to get back to the old me.

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"Sometimes, crying is the only way your eyes speak when your mouth can't explain how broken your heart is. " Let's talk to my eyes when my mouth cant explain XD

Cause you shouldn't of. I would of cared for you so much..

I hope one day I will pop up in your head and you'll think "I shouldn't of let her go.

This seems like something someone in #love would say. Maybe.

So true. Everyday it's the little things you don't even realize you do which make me continue falling for you. Love you, PC

Read this carefully and post something so I know you got this I ’m so sorry for all of this so sorry that this is how it turned out and the chain of events that have happened in the past week. I am so sorry.