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Cover for Classics Illustrated Junior (Gilberton, 1953 series) #540 - The Tinder-Box

Classics Illustrated Junior HRN 541 The Tinder-Box Tinder Box Tinderbox

Classics Illustrated Comic Books | Classics-Illustrated-Comic-Book-75-The-Lady-of-the-Lake-HRN-75-Edition ...

classics illustrated comic book 75 the lady of the lake hrn 75 edition 1 good


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Cover for Classics Illustrated (Gilberton, 1947 series) [HRN - Uncle Tom's Cabin [No Cover Price]

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Cover for Classics Illustrated (JES) (Classic Comic Store, 2008 series) - Sailing Uncharted Waters

classics illustrated images | Classics Illustrated 064 Treasure Island (1949) comic books

A favourite author I had as a child is still resonating with my reading experiences now. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote "children's books" Treasure Island and Kidnapped. Here's the Classic Illustrated cover for TI.

Cover for Classics Illustrated Junior (Gilberton, 1953 series) - The Golden Haired Giant