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Why does Batman look so peeved on Bob Kane's cover for 1939's Detective Comics No. 31 (detail, used for the new book's back jacket)? On the original cover, a vampire called the Monk is carrying Bruce Wayne's fiancee up to his Nosferatu-ish castle.

I hate DC comics but i have to admit batman is a pretty good superhero. even if he just has money, a butler and a magic tool belt.

Batman (1940) 347

"The Shadow of the Batman": A small-time crook named Jeff tries to cajole his friend Barry into.

Classic cover by Jim Mooney and Jack Burnley from Batman published by DC Comics, October 1947 and an original recreation/extension by Sheldon Moldoff,

Detective Comics 222 Batman Comic Cover hi-res

First off: The image of Batman in a purple blazer and green tie is the kind of thing you simply can't un-see. Second: How on earth does this whole "making a full-size Batmobile from a tiny toy model" plan work? Do you drop it in water and let it expand?


Cover by Carmine Infantino, Murphy Anderson & Ira Schnapp. DC Wikipedia: Ira Scnapp was a Cover Artist · Inker · Colourist · and Letterer. He designed the Comics Code Authority & Action Comics logos

The Untold Legend of the Batman no.1 Cover.

The Untold Legend of the Batman Vol. 1 No. 1 1980 - Origin - John Byrne's First Work at DC Comics by TheSamAntics