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Hulk by Dale Keown

Lines - Dale Keown Colors - Steve Schaffer Hulk © Marvel Green full body version: [link] Red full body version: [link] HULK by Dale Keown

Slimer                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Slimer, Fun Fact he was originally called Spud, but the fans kept calling him Slimer, so Aykroyd and Ramis accepted it as Canon.

Thir13en Ghosts 8_9 the great child and the dire mother is the ghost of margart shelburn a womon whose dimintive height  lead her to join a freak show wera she was raped and gave birth to a son harold the great child margaret spoiled harold and wen margaret wos kidnapped as a prank but she suffacated to death by the time harold found her  he flew in to arage and killed the culprits with a axe and in turn the towns folks killed harold

The Great Child and The Dire Mother, from the 2001 movie Ghosts"

A designer francesa Flore Maquin recria cartazes de filmes famosos com uma visão própria. Ele se concentra em um personagem e usa contrastes, reflexos e cores, além de alterar a tipografia dos títulos. Sua coleção inclui obras como Insterstella...

Artista recria pôsteres de clássicos do cinema

Très joli travail de redesign d’affiches de films de la part de la Lyonnaise Flore Maquin ! Flore Maquin is a French artist fond of movies, who redesigned a bunch of movie posters with talent…

If Pop Culture Icons Grew Old… (By Alex Solis)

If Pop Culture Icons Grew Old… (By Alex Solis)

If Pop Culture Icons Grew Old… (By Alex Solis) ^not sure why i find this so funny but i do!

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Calling All Star Wars Jedi

Estos diseños de carteles de películas son la interpretación de sus autores acerca de las historias cinematográficas que describen.

Carteles de películas: no son los originales pero a veces los superan

poster-by-kirill-talalaev.png (600×2672)

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