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sub marinor | Sub-Mariner Vol 1 34 - Marvel Comics Database

Sub-Mariner Vol 1 34

Sub Mariner 34 Key Bronze Age Marvel App Defenders Hulk Silver Surfer 5 0

Wonder Man is dead! The Vision is not necessarily alive! They're the two men with one brainwave! The Grim Reaper has a wild and crazy scheme to bring them together like Certs as a candy mint and a breath mint!

Avengers 102 1972 cover by Rich Buckler and Joe Sinnott. Shows the theme of comics using quite a few key characters

Sub-Mariner Vol 1 55

Sub-Mariner Vol 1 55

Sub-mariner - Scourge Of The Sea - Prince Namor - Torg - The Antarctic Abombination

Deadman Book Two by Various. $10.98. Publisher: DC Comics (February 21, 2012). Series - Deadman (Book 2). Save 27% Off!

DC Comics and Vertigo Graphic Novels & Collected Editions on Sale in January 2012 - ComicsAlliance

sub marinor | Sub-Mariner Vol 1 70 - Marvel Comics Database

Sub-Mariner Vol 1 70

Classic Covers: Namor The Sub-Mariner and Iron Man by Gene Colan

Iron Man and Sub-Mariner (Marvel, Condition: VF. Gene Colan and Bill Everett cover. Colan and Johnny - Available at Sunday Internet Comics Auction.

Sub-Mariner 42 - Gil Kane cover

Sub-Mariner 42 Marvel 1971 FN VF Namor Gil Kane Gerry ConwayCondition Fine ~ Very Fine Shipping Shipped in a box, sandwiched between rigid cardboard for protect

sub marinor | Sub Mariner 3 F John Buscema Marvel Comics 1968 | eBay

SUB-MARINER #3 F, John Buscema, Marvel Comics 1968