X-men 68 Marvel comics

X-Men introduced Bolivar Trask and his mutant-hunting Sentinel robots in this one issue. An ultimate motive for Trask is revealed later.

Uncanny XMen 1963 1st Series 114 October 1978 Issue by ViewObscura, $15.00

Uncanny X-Men #114, October 1978 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade VG/F

X-Men: The Hidden Years #1

X-Men: The Hidden Years Vol 1 1

X-Men: The Hidden Years cover by John Byrne & Gregory Wright. John shared this story on his forum about X-Men: The Hidden Years: “HIDDEN YEARS really was a dream come true, for me.

X-Men 145 (VF- 7.5) pence

Uncanny X-Men 145 May 1981 Issue Marvel Comics by ViewObscura (Dave Cockrum & Joe Rubinstein)

The NEW Uncanny X-MEN in Plus or Minus Newstand VG-FINE condition. Super Cool Marvel Mutant Comic with Dave Cockrum art This comic book shows a typical amo

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X-Men Vol 1

Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1 - Wanted Dead or Alive-- Cyclops / The Million Dollar Angel, published by Marvel Comics in Mar 1969