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Batman Vol 1 #293. November, 1977

Batman Vol 1 293

"The Testimony of Luthor!": The court of Ra's al Ghul reconvenes and hears the testimony of Lex.

Batman #164 Cover art: Pencils: Sheldon Moldoff Inks: Joe Giella

Batman is the best. "Silver Age Batman": The comics added the gold oval to his Golden Age counterpart.

Batman Vol 1 387

Batman Vol 1 387

"Ebon Masquery": Hoping to lure Black Mask into a trap, Bruce Wayne organizes a masquerade ball.

Batman 391

A cover gallery for the comic book Batman

Las 25 mejores portadas de Batman 7

Las 25 mejores portadas de Batman

Batman #121

This trade paperback collects Silver Age comics that inspired episodes of the high camp TV series of the swinging sixties including issues featuring such important moments in Bat-history as.

Batman Vol 1 345

Batman Vol 1 345

": Archie Keswick is brought to the sanctum of Doctor Death by Death's.