Iron Man # 126 by John Romita Jr. & Bob Layton

Marvel Comics Retro: The Invincible Iron Man Comic Book Cover Suiting Up for Battle (aged) Art Print

The issue begins with Tony Stark reverting The Freak to Happy Hogan with the Enervation Intensifier, while Pepper waits behind a protective wall. Meanwhile the Unicorn is getting dosed by a machine called the Hyper-Activator, with the purpose of increasing his strength and power; even though the scientists present want to shut it down as he is getting a very large dose, the Unicorn tells them not to. After ripping the table he lay on from the floor and getting a redesigned costume, with…

Iron Man Vol 1 4

Iron Man's not happy: His friend Hogan's turned into a Freak and the Unicorn blows his horn wanting to be noticed! Written by Archie Goodwin; art by EC vet Johnny Craig (George Tuska comes along later; Archie and George reunite on "Hero for Hire").

Iron Man #39. Cover by Herb Trimpe. #IronMan #HerbTrimpe

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Marvel Tales

An early issue of reprint volume "Marvel Tales," then an annual. Origin stories, and an early Hulk saga. All this for 25 cents.