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Brave and the Bold 1955 1st Series DC 119 June 1975 by ViewObscura

Brave and the Bold #119, June 1975 Issue - DC Comics - Grade VF

Brave and the Bold 119 DC Comics 1975 Batman Man-Bat by LifeofComics Jim Aparo DC Universe

Solomon Grundy, smash!!!

Puny Justice Humans confuse Grundy with two of everybody! Cover by Adams/Giordano; inside by Friedrich and Dillin/Giella. A Flash-back where evil Ivo tries the Amazo act without his android; a "Mystery in Space" filler.

DC Comics Presents Annual #3, 1984, cover by Gil Kane

Comics presents Annual (Super-powered Doctor Sivana vs. Superman of Earth-one, Superman of Earth-Two, and Captain Marvel… all drawn by Gil Kane!


This issue is from November 1973 featuring "Metamorphosis! by Jim Starlin. Graded in F/VF due to light wear. It DOES have the Mark Jewelers centerfold attached at both staples. Scans are of the actual comic.

Dc Comics - Flash - Doc Magnus - Terrors - Forbidden Dimension - Ross Andru

"Terror of the Forbidden Dimension": Doc Magnus dies in the fourth dimension because of the.

Justice League of America, #143. 1977.

Justice League of America - "A Tale of Two Satellites!"/"THe Card Crimes Of The Royal Flush Gang!

Plastic Man 12  April 1976 Issue  DC Comics  Grade by ViewObscura

Plastic Man #12 - April 1976 Issue - DC Comics - Grade G

Original Plastic Man Comic, Bronze Age, DC Comics Loved Plaz- and the cartoon as well.

Metal Men #14 July 1965 cover by Ross Andru and Mike Esposito!

Metal Men July 1965 cover by Ross Andru and Mike Esposito!