Character belongs to Pheberoni ! I really like the design of her characters - Andy in particular - and she's fun to draw, too! The Warden

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Throne of Glass Dump by meabhdeloughry

kutiekupcakes: “meabhd: “ *Throws a Throne of Glass dump at you* ” You just had to put Nehemia with celaena didn’t you.


Been doing lots of rough full body sketches of this character which made me think: I kinda want to make a semi real portrait of him. Streamed the whole process here: www.

You change... everything

Gu'lan Forest Elf (This is just what I imagined the elf to look like, original artist unknown)

Nenil âr Lútphen

f Wood Elf Wizard Tower Forest Hills naked story One day I will die because of those pretty elves.

Obara Sand -  painting of Jessica Parker Kennedy by Sharandula

"Jessica Parker Kennedy" (study) - Elena Berezina (sharandula) {figurative art beautiful female head brunette woman face portrait digital painting Ale with telekinetic