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Йаванна Yavanna by XkashyuriX on DeviantArt

Gandalf the Sleepy

Gandalf the Sleepy // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Sorry beardless elf maiden suitors, it looks pretty official

So that explains it, then. Too bad elf men are incapable of growing it!

silmarillion anime Finrod - Google Search

Finwë’s sons: the fathers of the Three Houses of Noldor who journeyed into Middle-earth: Finarfin, Fingolfin, and Fëanor. (Source: Star) [[MORE]]Finarfin, hand over heart and looking back, is grieved.

Commission: Varda Elentari by Luciana-Lu on DeviantArt

luciana-lu: “ Set of 4 works commissioned by the amazing She requested me to portrait some Tolkien ladies. And the order: Luthien, Yavanna, Varda and Nienor.

Nessa, the Dancer by Olga Kukhtencova - wife of Tulkas and is noted for her agility and speed

Hall of the Valar - Nessa, wife of Tulkas, was known for her dancing

Haradrim woman

Haradrim woman

Varda by yavagnas

yavagnas: “ “ Varda Elentári, the Queen of the Stars ” Another Varda design that I cleaned up and decided to animate it :) ”