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"Ladoga-fest" (Russland) 2013 (Vikingsnitt)

"Ladoga-fest" (Russland) 2013 (Vikingsnitt)

Here are a few educational links to the primary research, inspired by this image: http://urd.priv.no/viking/smokkr.html, http://www.darkcompany.ca/beads/beads.php, http://www.medieval-baltic.us/vikbuckle.html,http://medieval-baltic.us/bau-loops.pdf

The summer of 2008 I was going to a Viking age event, and I made an apron dress for it.

Event Herald April 2013 | Kira Hagen

(Kira Hagen Underdress linen-twill blend edged with yellow silk decorative stitches; hanging dress blue wool with tablet woven silk trim on top and silk embroidery based on a Birka find at the hem. Cloak trimmed with woolen yarn in feather stitch pattern.

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