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"When one creates green roofs the houses themselves become part of the landscape." Freidensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000). This is one of Iceland's 18th century fishing stations. It's built using thick dry stone walls with a timber roof under thick insulating layers of turf. More wonderful natural homes on the Natural Homes Timeline www.naturalhomes.org/timeline.htm

Green Roofs around the World - This is one of Iceland's century fishing stations. It's built using thick dry stone walls with a timber roof under thick insulating layers of turf. This is the maritime museum just outside Bolungarvik.

Это одна из рыболовных станций Исландии XVIII века, возможно немного мрачная, но практичная для своей цели. Подробнее: www.naturalhomes.org/ru/homes/bolungarvikinsideout.htm

The Icelandic stone and turf fishing station at Bolungarvik. It's built using thick dry stone walls with a timber roof under thick insulating layers of turf.

This is an Icelandic turf roof on a church in Hof, southeast Iceland. More pictures at www.naturalhomes.org/timeline/hofskirkja.htm

This is an Icelandic torfþak (turf roof) on a church (Hofskirkja) in Hof, a small village in the southeast of Iceland.

Honey, It's time to mow the roof!

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Green Roof Inspiration

Green Roof: Old style Faroese House in Sandur - Faroe Islands ny Eileen Sanda

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Located in Alaska, these sod roof houses are eco friendly. Additionally, the weight of the sod roof, compresses the logs to make the walls more draft proof, reducing heating and cooling costs.

Это кельтский круглый дом Cae Mabon [www.caemabon.co.uk] в ретрит центре в Уэльсе. Он расположен на опушке дубовой рощи вблизи быстрой реки, впадающей неподалёку в глубокое озеро, у подножия высоких гор. Это один из нескольких прекрасных, натуральных, земляных построек, используемых для встреч и расказывания волшебных историй. Вы можете видеть коллекцию домов на карте Натуральных Домов здесь: www.naturalhomes.org/fbr.caemabon.htm Подробнее читайте здесь…

The Storytelling Roundhouse at the eco-retreat center, Cae Mabon, located in northern Wales. They offer several dwellings (like this thatched roundhouse) for overnight stays, retreats, or to explore the Celtic landscape.

Iceland turf house

Icelandic turf houses are old-school green with a Viking twist (photos)

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This the multilayer four storey house design with terrace garden in first floor and second floor, until the roof. swimming pool located outside the house, so that swim in it visible from the living room with walls made of glass. combines the staircase between the glass and wood design make this house is really fantastic. this house location on a new housing estate on the island of Sentosa adjacent to Singapore. to build a house for each solid wall next door to provide privacy whenever…

Sky Garden House by Guz Architects. Wierd, but I think it would be really nice to inhabit. It's also an interesting application of green roofs/roof gardens to a very modern, otherwise steel and concrete design.

organische bouw: prachtig van vorm. zou nog wel (een deel) bovenverdieping moeten zijn.

This is a 9 step guide to building a straw bale roundhouse with a reciprocal green roof.

HIS: Крыши, на которых зеленеет трава, давно стали визитной карточкой скандинавских стран. Они появились еще во времена викингов, но популярны до сих пор. Почему? Узнайте из нашей сегодняшней статьи.

Green roofing is considered the ultimate eco-friendly roofing option. While green roofing isn’t exactly new — people have been using their rooftops to serve as additional garden space for decades …


A green rooftop in Norway makes the house melt into the landscape. by angelique