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jellyfish-TERRIFIED of them! I got stung when I was little 4 time by the same one! It was less deadly than this one though (of course!

Photographer: Barry Steven Greff

Ascending to New Heights in 2012 – from the FLOW Jellyfish Series - Louisville, KY - Photo by Barry Steven Greff

pelagia notiluca

pelagia notiluca


Jellyfish are strange, with of their body water they don't have a brain, all jelly fish have a squishy hemisphere for a head and deadly stingers that are directly below the head. The stingers kill fish, some jelly fish can kill or wound a human.


Fish or Marine Animal Portrait Place: Jellyfish, Lake Worth Lagoon, Riviera Beach, Florida.-possible project

Oooh...My Obsession w/ jellyfish & octopi...White Spotted Jelly Fish - Phyllorhiza punctata

White-spotted Jellyfish swimming (Phyllorhiza punctata) by photographer Jiri Lochman.

Mail - Dawn Burch - Outlook

Pink jelly fish skirt--I'm absolutely fascinated by jelly fish I could watch them for days on end.