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"Oh, and this is my friend River; nice hair, clever, has her own gun. Oh, and unlike me, she doesn't mind shooting people. I shouldn't like that; kinda do a bit." - the Dr.

The perfect picture of their personalities, especially in reference to their relationship. River shamelessly adoring every moment and the Doctor loving every second, but nervous when caught.

Firefly, Doctor Who, and Torchwood; I don't think just anyone can pull it off.

Firefly, Doctor Who, and Torchwood; I realized I may have a fetish...

Funny pictures about Long coats and suspenders. Oh, and cool pics about Long coats and suspenders. Also, Long coats and suspenders.

The 11th Doctor kissing River Song

Doctor Who star Matt Smith:" I don't want Capaldi to have Alex Kingston" - Doctor Who News - Cult - Digital Spy

My Rules for Doctor Who  See more funny pics at killthehydra.com!

I remember watching this episode of Big Bang (before I found The Doctor), and not knowing what the heck he was talking about. Watched again recently and I was right there on Sheldon's side "No Talking!

But she still kept sight of what was most important.

Like, really eagerly. | 23 Reasons To Love Peter Capaldi

Only Alex Kingston could have amazing chemistry with a 26 year old and a 55 year old. Moffat, you've broken our hearts enough, just give us this one! 12 and River neeeed to happen!