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Best voice actor O_O i lost it at raven

Best voice actor Tara Strong is amazing ! She is one of my favorite voice actors!

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Otaku common issue - The only reason I ever go to sleep on time is if my internet is down. Or the power's out and I can't see my manga. Side note: The person onscreen looks a LOT like

I know three of these peeps... All good anime: Natsu from Fairy Tail, Nagasumi from My Bride is a Mermaid, and Karou (one of the twins from Ouran high school host club). The thing about Todd Haberkorn is that you can tell it's his voice, but it varies so much it just works. He's also a huge nerd so that's a plus~

Todd Haberkorn ~~ favorite voice actor EVER ! *spots Natsu, One of the Hitaichin twins, Italy, and Death the Kid* I want to marry this man.

Seems like something Homura would do. I bet she's waiting down their with her gun, ready to shoot Kyubey whenever he tries to make a contract with Madoka.