APH: How Lewd by on @deviantART

Me when was in high school with friends who into the dirty stuff.

Hetalia Lunar New Year Zodiac by on @DeviantArt I'M NEW ZELAND!!!!!!!

Happy Lunar New Year! (Pretend Macau is here but not Japan because he doesn't count. Hetalia Lunar New Year Zodiac

LH: RUDE Portugal and Brazil by zulenha

Brazil is just like: vai se foder também (" fuck you too")

Historically accurate...

Actually, Vikings called Iceland, Iceland so others wouldn't go there. So instead they'd go to Greenland which is more like actual ice-land.

APH - Do i dazzle you by on @deviantART

I'm so sorry for the title ; i should be shot and maimed sobs There's absolutely no point in this strip at all, just the fact Himaruya drew China so feminine-like, i'd hit it. His beauty probably.

This is like how everyone perceives China XS I don't get it. I knew he was a guy from the start.

APH-Mama China by koookeees on deviantART China just got smacked in the face

Chibi Prussia Diaries -053- by on @deviantART

Chibi Prussia Diaries by Arkham-Insanity on deviantART ~ AHH! France looks so cute in Rome's arms .... America....

The Satw Germany looks so dissapointed in him self. And look at both Americas, they are having a really intense staring contest. I guess they are both competitive either way.