Canada is AWESOME!!!!!! APH-Two Minutes for Roughing by on @deviantART

APH-Two Minutes for Roughing by TheLostHype on DeviantART America makes the grave mistake of interrupting Canada while he's watching hockey)

APH-Too Many Players On The Ice by on @deviantART..... Evil clone thing, that is the most accurate description of 2p! Hetalia characters EVER. Also, never disturb Canadian hockey watching sessions.....

APH-Too Many Players On The Ice by TheLostHype on DeviantART Canada tries to take revenge on Canada for beating up America, but ends up getting distracted by the hockey game)

Uh Oh by on @DeviantArt - Alfred and Matthew

"Canada please stop.Canada dude you already one won.

APH - Eyebrows by on @deviantART esta buenisimo XD me encanto jajaja. Cutenessssss

APH - Eyebrows by mikokume-raie on deviantART (America and Canada discuss why they didn't inherit England's eyebrows, and thank their lucky stars)

APH: Mirror, Al + Matt by on @deviantART - Interesting concept on the characters - what do you think?...kinda sad

Art concept of Alfred not actually having a brother (Matthew is all in his head). What a sad, sad thing. :( Hetalia, America (Alfred F. Jones) and Canada (Matthew Williams). Mentioning of England (Arthur Kirkland) and his imaginary friends.

APH-Psychological Warfare by on @deviantART

Canada - actually cares about hand-washing clothes

APH: VIP Seat by on @deviantART

APH: How to show you are in a relationship with a person by America xDD

Canada pretending to be France. He is so CUTE!!!! How can you not notice him?!

Ask Canada on DA. Canada dresses up and acts like France

Truth about Maple Syrup -APH by on @deviantART - dude, even I know maple syrup comes from trees

Truth about Maple Syrup -APH by KittyMira. The day America got his face beat in with a bucket of maple syrup and a hockey stick.

XD I LOVE THIS   The Nicest Thing by on @deviantART

Hetalia fancomic featuring Sealand and Canada Peter's pretty much doing the nicest thing you can possibly do for poor Matty XD The Nicest Thing