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Happy goalies make ME happy. They deserve happiness.

Happy goalies make ME happy. They deserve happiness and to be protected at all costs.

#truth this is why the NHL RULES and MLB NBA are unwatchable & NFL is beyond overrated

This is crazy look at James sitting over their pouting like a baby man up you are not cool when you do that 😳

Goalies waiting for the wave

“You don’t have to be crazy to play goal, but it helps.” – Bernie Parent

“A mic’d up Marc-André Fleury has some fun during La Tournée des Joueurs.

funny<< lmao they thought NYC was the largest,, not even close

In this episode of Brits Think They're Soooo Special.<<so here we have another obnoxious American. Honey we Brits are much GREATER than yall '<<< US BRITS RULE THE WORLD <<< Why are they obnoxious?