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Proud K-Pop fan! Just cause I listen to K-Pop doesn't mean I don't like English music -,- I just prefer it over English music.

Proud K-Pop fan! Just cause i listen to k-pop doesnt mean i dont like enlgish music -,- i love my one direction but k-pop has more standards and appreciate more. //BTS- Here standing proud

OMG YES XD OMG NO. I still fail at recognizing who is who -_-

I still fail at recognizing who is who -_->>>> haha same, still learning who is who xD

Everything except my facebook picture. I know you guys can relate ~

Life without K-pop vs. Life with K-pop

kpop rules - Google Search

Kpop fans can relate- HAHAHAHA, This is what Kpop does to your mind and life. xD once you become a kpopper, EVERYTHING reminds you of it!


Saturn in Hamburg, Germany has K-Pop CDs! I repeat: A usual electronic shop in Germany has fucking K-Pop!

This girl don't play # too deep #kpop # we love it but still you need to calm down

Since some people doesn't understand why kpop fans likes kpop, here's a brief explanation why we like kpop.

Hilarious.....and ...why yes Taeyang, my husband...that is you on the radio :)

For all your hopes and dreams

one: Namjoon two: Taehyung three: Jimin four: Yoongi five: Hoseok six: Seokjin  seven: Jungkook

In every group tho: Exo, BTS, you name it *looks over at Monsta X* yeah, you too

So true. This is why we fangirls and fanboys are amazing individuals!


exo slay on

Haha I watched youtubers react to kpop, and they were talking about how kpop fans are most committed to their fandom XD

We crazy Kpop fans ^^ Im honored to be a part of the best test most dedicated fandom in the world.

When I read ukiss I cried. It fits them perfectly.

Don't you ever shoot an anonymous but,rolling like a buffalo,

Hi everyone! So we all have those days when we feel hungry, sleepy, and highly overweight, and looking at Korean idols, actors, and models does NOT make us feel any better. SOOOOOOOO, I've decided ...

List of Kpop Workouts (and diets) that Aren’t Too Insane to Try At Home

So we all have those days when we feel hungry, sleepy, and highly…

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Pinterest : @birkadehmelek

Pinterest : @birkadehmelek

some things ..

Well, you can see korean idols. on your screen.