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❄️Queen Idun❄️ @heirandthespareedits Instagram photos | Websta

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Anna & Elsa I love how they maintain a usual style for them although in reality theyd most likely have more like an emo and scene phase

تولدت مبارک

Me and are pretty sure is good now because Layla is dead which broke the spell. So, we baked Annabelle a late birthday cake and lucy and I arranged a small birthday gift :)


Julia loves Christmas and she is so excited! All she wants for Christmas is a family with an older or younger sibling(s). Julia was born with a white streak in her hair and we don't know why.

Name: Gerina Age: 16 heyy! Im Gerina. Gerina Donas that is! Yup, I got adopted :) I love photography,beauty, and shoes! My bestie for life is Aleya ❤ Love you girl

Sailor Rapunzel by ~PinkPetalEntrance on deviantART

Rapunzel from Disney's Tangled, made with Doll Divine Sailor Senshi maker [link] Sailor Rapunzel