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yandere!creepypastas X reader

Read Te hare mi muñeca personal-Jason the toy maker.creepypastas X reader

U want some pastas?

(Marble Hornets, Slender-verse and Creepypasta is not related each other in anyway in this picture) Slenderman © Masky & Hoody © Marble Ho.

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aqua eyes arm holding artist name bangs black eyes black hair collarbone couple creepypasta crossover dated grey background hetero holding arm japanese clothes jeff the killer kuchisake-onna long hair looking at another open mouth original p


Jeff,Ben,sally,eyeless jack,and slenderman but who is the little girl making the little dolls? >>>>> I think the little girl is the doll maker.

Jeff The Killer Anime

Creepypasta Challenge Day Favorite Creepypasta beside ben of course. Jeff the Killer, It could be real, it's just about a guy that lost his sanity.

Sleep..... Me: Heck no!

I yelled this at someone who was picking on me at school and they just backed away slowly and it was the funniest shit I've ever seen 🤣

Jeff The Killer and Laughing Jack

This comic was really fun to draw. x) Too hilarious in my point of view! Jeff The Killer and Laughing Jack-Comic 17