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Pumpkin Pie Leather. Just got a dehydrator too!

Finally something to inspire me to utilize my dormant dehydrator: Pumpkin Pie Leather.

Now that I have dehydrated my pumpkins into thin sheets of pumpkin goodness and roasted the pumpkin seeds for snacks, I thought it best to show you how to make a pie with the dehydrated pumpkin. I …

Now that I have dehydrated my pumpkins into thin sheets of pumpkin goodness and roasted the pumpkin seeds for snacks, I thought it best to show you how to make a pie with the dehydrated pumpkin.

New Nostalgia – Raw Gingerbread Cookies

Raw Gingerbread Cookies

by Teniel Moore {raw foods contributor}Who doesn't love a gingerbread cookie at this time of the year?To me the smell and spices of gingerbread reminds me

Drying Tomatoes (1) From: Fresh Bites Daily, please visit

You’re dehydrating your tomatoes all wrong — Here’s how to optimize your flavor with three bonus soup recipes

Summer Squash Fruit Snacks / Candy made with squash & fruit juice concentrate

Zucchini Gummy Candy – Naturally Sweetened

Naturally Sweetened Zucchini Gummy Candy Recipe - Tastes like commercial gummy treats with no artificial flavors, colors or refined sugar.

When I was a kid, I couldn’t get enough of Fruit Roll-Ups. Chewy, colorful food that you could play with—magical stuff. Plus, mom felt good because she thought she was giving me a serving of fruit. Sadly, as many of you know, most foodstuffs out there on the shelves, especially those being marketed to families as “natural and healthy,” are full of processed sugars, preservatives and additives.

Raw, raspberry fruit leather made simply with a dehydrator and only two ingredients: fruit and raw, wild-harvested honey.

Banana bread walnuts for dehydrator

Banana Bread Walnuts

I made them with walnuts and pecans and both if you close your eyes and taste these you would think you just took a bite of banana bread!

Dried Spiced Apple Slices Recipe

Dried apples are a favorite in our family. We all make them a little differently but here are a couple recipes for spiced apple slices. You can use a dehydrator or do them in the oven.

Soft n' Savory Hemp Onion Bread - another recipe I'll be making soon from Kristen's Raw e-book :)

Soft n Savory Hemp Onion Bread - another recipe Ill be making soon from Kristens Raw e-book :)

Rhubarb Berry Fruit Leather - Vegan

Rhuberry Fruit Leather

Fruit leather made with extra local fruit and cut into fun shapes. The perfect healthier alternative to sour candy for kids and adults.

Schoolhouse Ronk: Awesome Dehydrator Tip

awesome dehydrator tip - "I was so disappointed when my just opened box of crackers went stale on me. The idea popped into my head to try dehydrating them to re-crisp them back up. It worked! After just 3 hours I had perfectly crispy crackers!