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books, coffee, tea

books, coffee, tea

Going into a book shop for one book and coming out with ten

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Heroine caught snooping through his private papers and forbidden book collection

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GIRLS' LIFE Magazine feature by Sarah Hamilton - The Secret to Writing a Book According to a Teen Author

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Knowledge: Ravenclaw and Horned Serpent

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Tea, Coffee, and Books

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Te recomendamos 10 libros publicados en el siglo XXI, que por su trascendencia podrían convertirse en libros de culto.

(by Silvia Sala)


Knowledge is power. Read books, read articles, read the news.

Accio Books and Sunshine

Reading a Book.

The brightest witch of her age

Brouges and books

Magic isn't all it's cracked up to be. For example, there are twenty spells for making tea but none to save yourself from falling from a cliff.

Context is everything. Each little tidbit could mean a hundred different things depending on what you do with it.



For less expensive crafts.

Teacher Appreciation Week: Tea Bouquet. I used spoons and cupcake wrappers with the tea bags to make them look like flowers.  For the leaves, I tied green ribbon around the spoons. Attached to the ribbons are inspirational Bible verses printed on green paper, and rolled up. These add to the leaf effect and make it like "fortune" tea bags (instead of fortune cookies). One verse per bag, so you never know what the verse will be until you untie your tea.

I used spoons and cupcake wrappers with…

Magic Tea Bag Rocket - awesome Science Experiment for kids!

Magic Tea Bag Rocket - awesome Science Experiment for kids!

You'll get different results from different brands of tea.but this is an AWESOME demo! Magic Tea Bag Rocket - awesome Science Experiment for kids!