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(Female shadow) Would be better if they didn't change it to pink. It's supposed to be a fem!design, that doesn't mean their personality would change, why would the ultimate lifeform have a pink color scheme? Nice design otherwise

Shadow and Flowers by Drawloverlala

i was thinking on an idea of why Shadow would think Flower Arragement would be a medium to bring hope to the humanity. i’m refering to this.from Lego Dimensions and at first i though i would be something like Sonic or Rouge would tell him as joke or.

ShadAmy Comic // DeviantArt

ShadAmy Comic // DeviantArt

2016 CM - 05 by Hanybe on DeviantArt

She is kind and loving. She can be shy at times and she is sorta jumpy. She gets scared easily. But other then that she is a nice girl

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I guess Shadow thinks he's too manly for ribbon dancing. (If you have no idea what I mean, see the picture I posted of Charmy Bee!