Vending machine in Japan is amazing!

Ice Cream display in Japan---A Japanese ice-cream vending machine! with crazy flavors such as purple sweet potato, almond jelly, pudding, lavender, and “full maturity melon.

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"I love PINK! And I love pink ice cream. But I don't really like pink ice cream. I just like pink ice cream to pin.

This will always make me think of my Mother! My siblings probably would too lol

I love having soft serve ice cream anytime. If I could get anything, it would be a soft serve ice cream machine. I love how Jason's Deli has one and you can get as many bowls as you want.

De la glace et des glaçons décorés. Des fleurs, des fruits, mais surtout exquis. Mademoiselle Claudine le blog.

Discover clever tips and tricks for keeping your go-to cocktails and drinks cool this summer. Learn how to keep your summer drinks cold using methods such as frozen fruit ice cubes and popsicle cocktails.

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Who doesn't like ice cream! Soft Ice Cream in a Waffle Cone - one of the greatest things about summer.

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