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simplymagdorable: “ Margriet (Dutch) January 1968, Cheryl Tiegs in the front (image scanned by Magdorable) ”

Margriet (Dutch) January Cheryl Tiegs in the front (image scanned by Magdorable)

1960's Villager Dresses.  The one with the flower print was particularly popular at my high school and came in several colors.

1960s Dresses - A Rainbow of 50 Dresses (Pictures)

1966 Spiegel catalog women's dresses - I wore dresses like this to school every day at University of Florida. Girls could only wear pants or shorts in the dorms or sorority houses!

Path to Your Charm: Harmony of Lines. Часть 2 - Красота, вдохновленная природой

what makes this dress fashion? simple make up, short dress, colour of the dress, short hair .love the striped dress!

fashion. pleated skirts. scarves. perfection.

My friend Ann and I had very similar outfits in Stretchy nylon tops and crimplene skirts.worn with coloured pop socks. A symphony in static!

Colleen Corby and others in “razzle dazzle knits”, Seventeen, 1967

My formative years. Colleen Corby and others in “razzle dazzle knits”, Seventeen, 1967

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Colleen Corby in a Floral Print Dress ♥ black background red yellow blue flowers babydoll dress tab collar long sleeves mini short skirt pigtail hairstyle vintage fashion style history color print ad model

My favorite navy blue skirt with white sweater and tan skirt and matching sweater. Mom borrowed mine. Fall/winter fashions in Sears catalog, 1965.

Fall/winter fashions in Sears catalog, 1965 vintage fashion style color photo print ad model magazine pink dress skirt sweater knit

Bobbie Brooks, 1967

Really digging this autumn scene. Temperatures are only in the double digits now here in Dallas. We love the brisk 90 weather!

Yellow 1960s

Yellow 1960s

1960s Dress Pattern....my dear Mother made some just like this for me. She should have been a designer.....I still miss her

late graphic print mod mini dress shift tights shoes models magazine photo print ad twiggy looks pink red black floral stripes