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Disney Fun Fact No. The setting of The Lady and the Tramp was inspired by Walt Disney's hometown of Marceline, Missouri. So proud to be from Missouri

disney facts

Disney Fact In Toy Story, the Pizza Planet truck pulls into a Dinoco gas station. Dinoco is the sponsor for The King in Cars.

Disney Facts Part 1

A few interesting Disney facts

Disney Facts Part 1 - Interesting although the picture that is supposed to be Sherri Stoner looks remarkably like a young Alyssa Milano

Hidden gems in Disney movies. It's not scooby do, it's Toby the basset hound from the great mouse detective.

Hidden gems in Disney movies. These are very interesting. I guess I have to watch more carefully when I watch Disney movies!

Favorite Tarzan quote EVER!! :)

Cute elephant from Tarzan. No that is not the cute elephant from Tarzan this is the cute elephant from The Jungle Book!

#Disney #facts- I always loved that song!

Which was played on a piano at his funeral in Disneyland in front of the famouse Mickey & Walt statue (which was dedicated to Walt)- anything Mary Poppins makes me think Saving Mr.

:O Step aside. Lady with a baby coming through.

- ChiCha was the first pregnant woman to appear in a Disney animated feature. Emperor's New Groove

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