Ultimate Snake Bites Piercing Guide with Images

Ultimate Snake Bites Piercing Guide with Images

Why? Just why?  Can she ever get on a plane? I mean don't you have to go thru a metal detector? Don't let her near a magnet!! I bet George Washington would just love to see this face.. so he could melt it all down to pack all the muskets you could ever need for a war! I just don't see the appeal of resembling a hybrid of a bull meets a pin cushion.. But to each his very damaged own. ☹ good grief it hurts to look at! *shivers*

Hahaha first time I've seen someone actually Do the tip of the nose piercing 😂😂😂

Hell yeah. This girl knows how to rock our jewelry!!!! From the Crystal Hoop line by Diablo Organics

gypsy-foot: new jewelries I should clarify.Crystal Hoops from Diablo OrganicsSeptum jewelry from Flaming Bones.