Man ponytail. Idea from the web.

Longer hair for men has become mainstream and with it came the man bun. What is a man bun? Well, it& a cool alternative to the ponytail for pulling long hair up and back. A bun it

Haircut by @kings_style1 on Instagram Find more cool hairstyles for men at and

The combination of two hair trends, the fade and hair designs, is leading to all kinds of creative and new hairstyles for men. One of them stands out for it& simplicity and bold style. The V-shaped neckline shapes

faded undercut A faded undercut has the sides blending into the longer top, so there is varying lengths until you eventually reach the top of your hair.

Achieve the Perfect Undercut

Looking for men's short hairstyles? Don't worry we have collated the coolest men's hairstyles and haircut looks for you try in


14 Most Favorable Fine Hairstyles For Men

É uma tendência mundial os cortes de cabelo masculino com as laterais mais baixas e um pouco mais de volume no topo da cabeça ou até um topetão em alguns casos. A vantagem desse tipo de corte é que…

Cortes de Cabelo Masculino: 8 Tipos com Volume no Topo

Guys with thick hair know how difficult it is to style! Here are 35 of the best haircuts for men with thick hair to get you started.

Men’s Haircut & styling in 2015

For the casual men haircuts lovers, we have great 20 Haircuts Styles for Mens. These images are awesome for a new hair.

Degrade y largo arriba

Cortes de cabelo masculino 2017 para homens com cabelo grosso

What are the best haircuts and hairstyles for men with thick hair? This is a common question that we get from our readers. Many guys seek out our help and advice on how to style thick hair. My hair is totally