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The Central West End neighborhood held its annual Halloween party Saturday night, October 2013 so we swung by for the adults-only costume contest and party. Photos by Jon Gitchoff for the Riverfront Times.

Scarecrow Makeup: Designs, Tips, Tutorials

Scarecrow Makeup: Designs, Tips, Tutorials

Going to dress up as a scarecrow? Here is how to do your face paint or makeup. You will find ideas for scary scarecrows, cute scarecrows, Wizard-of-Oz scarecrows, and more.

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Zip-IT Sinister FX Half mask made from burlap and latex. hand painted and hand stitched with functioning zipper mouth and an elastic back.

a Mason says what?: Scarecrow Makeup

Let the fall season begin! To kick it off, my sister was willing to let me paint her face again. This time we went with a scarecrow loo.

Voodoo doll makeup

I love the blood and gore ad the used of the thread weaving through the mouth section. I like mixing the idea of voodoo/sacrafice with the scarecrow to create my own character.

Wicked Scarecrow Makeup / would use as base template for some other looks

Halloween Make-up Look Inspirations │ 萬聖節彩妝寶典