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Yes. Although i think this goes for any woman

SOOOOOO true sometimes. If I'm quiet, leave me alone because if you don't, we will BOTH regret it.

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All stems from Jealousy... Other signs hate our confidence and will try and knock us down. Just smile  ~K

Aries All stems from Jealousy. Other signs hate our confidence and will try and knock us down. Just smile ~K

Hmmm. Am I really like this?<-- yes you are honey. Idk who you are but I'm sure bc if you're an Aries then you're specials and awesome. Love -another Aries buddy

Astrology Quotes : Yup this is completely true my man always tells me I'm a good woman and dif

The perfect Aries woman is a mix of teacher, wonder woman, and a porn star.

"The perfect Aries woman is a mix of a teacher, wonder woman and a porn star." *I like the "Porn Star" part - only with the one you love, of course. sorry fellas.

aries woman-what you see is what you get

Zodiac Aries: Whatever the Aries woman does, it will be with her whole heart and soul. There are no half measures with this sign. What you see is what you get. Aries women can actually say they don't play games and it's the truth.

SOOOOoooo......ME!!! I cannot stand petty shit girls create!!! Ugh!!!! It is o wonder why men get a bad impression. I can't get a hold of the love as a result.

I am aries and a total tomboy. Genuine relationships with strong, supportive women are greatly appreciated.

True don't even try denying it

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