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Gondolin by atriedes on deviantart

There Thorondor espied them, and he sent two of his eagles to their aid; and the eagles bore them up and brought them beyond the Encircling Mountains to the secret vale of Tumladen and the hidden city.

The White Council by hollano on DeviantArt

Ok, so when I heard that The White Council was going to feature in 'The Hobbit' films, I got uber excited. The White Council

Fingon the Valiant by Righon on Deviant Art

The valiant prince by Righon on deviantART Fingon the valiant. Elder son Fingolfin and Anaire. He was brother of Turgon, Aredhel and Argon


Only a true nerd would pin this to "useful" but hey, it would be a cool form of code! And Tolkien is awesome!

'The House of Tom Bombadil' by Jef Murray. Poor Tom never made it to the movies..

'The House of Tom Bombadil' by Jef Murray lotr 30 day challenge, day fav charterer

Wedding of Tuor and Idril

This is my representation for Gar Ainion (Place of the Gods), the highest place in the city of Gondolin. I was very undecided in painting this part of t. Gar Ainion - Place of the Gods

Finwe, Thingol, and Ingwe by ChoiStar #silmarillion #fanart

Ingwë, Elwë (Thingol) and Finwë by ChoiStar

KatyChamberChorus - worldoftolkien:   Collecting memories, Bilbo by...

Collecting memories, Bilbo by aryundomiel on deviantART ~ artist Arianna from France ~ LOTR

Finwe, Feanor, Fingolfin. Although I pictured Feänor looking less like his brothers due to having a different mother.

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