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10 and 5

I loved this short little video thing! I love how at first 5 thinks just a fan!

The most important woman to the Doctor praising the most import an woman in the whole of creation. I love this scene.

Rose will always be my favorite. You can't change my mind on this.

*Sobbing* and another reason why I ship Doctor/Rose with a burning passion.

Ya hear that? That's the sound of my heart breaking into a million pieces.

I don't ship Ten and Rose but this i agree with///Yeah I feel like losing Rose just destroyed he was never the same afterwards. Rose knew he shouldn't be alone and when he was alone he never thought straight, had no one to knock a bit of sense into him.

Doctor Who memories

Uuugh, I know this didn't happen, but headcanon anyway, because I love the idea of the Doctor and Rory having an adventure on their own and Rory learning more about the Doctor's losses in that time than even Amy could know.

Doctor Who

Whovians tend to have an abnormal reaction to normal, random objects<<< I'm scared of angel statues and gas masks now :(

The 9th Doctor's excitement when Rose pronounces it correctly

I felt the same way when I mastared that name. That deserves a hug. Now where's my Doctor hug?