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Inseparable he says..

Rose and Ten. Always perfect for one another. "They were inseparable." Then why the hell did you separate them?

there's something really awesome about this shot // Doctor Who

there's something really awesome about this shot // Doctor Who<<<Because Rose is his light,and she is shining on him.And he is in the dark

Rose :( >> where did these onions come from

kilodalton: “ Make me choose between 2 things: badwolfrun asked: Nine/Rose or Ten/Rose? fadewithfury asked: the way Nine looks at Rose or the way Tentoo looks at Rose?

somehow I missed this the first time around. :'-(

*cries* my Nine feels hurt! My Doctor feels in general hurt!

Rose&Ten<3 <- - - the weirdest thing about this is that eleven is saying this about HIMSELF if you apply it to Ten and Rose. Like, why do I NEED THAT?! It's too much, I swear.

suddenly, doctor who feels. and time. Biro ii time'' amg space, k This isn' t ghost story. suddenly doctor who feels and time for leach o H? Biro ii time'' amg space k This isn' t ghost story

For the Doctor, it's always been and it'll always be Rose Tyler. I love this. AND YET HE FEELS GUILTY.

Yes, the Doctor loved River and all his other companions, but he fell hard for Rose. The Doctor loved Rose and he never stopped.

...Oh, right on the feels! Time for a new fanfic! < I don't remember, which episode was this? When were the Doctor and the Ponds in a place that looked like Daalik ulv Stranden?

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Uuugh, I know this didn't happen, but headcanon anyway, because I love the idea of the Doctor and Rory having an adventure on their own and Rory learning more about the Doctor's losses in that time than even Amy could know.

The most important woman to the Doctor praising the most import an woman in the whole of creation. I love this scene.

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That saddest part is it's right after war doctor says "I could kiss you" and she's like "oh that happens" and she's right behind him and he's like did you say bad wolf 😭😭😭😭

Awww, I'm sobbing at it, there's so many emotions Beautiful mixed, I need to watch the series again

PLEASE tell me this is true! This makes my heart so happy

If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how different our ideals of beauty would be.

If Only Our Eyes Saw Souls

Mirrors should reflect our souls. People around us are our mirrors.how we treat them is a reflection of our beauty. Be beautiful today.