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Corvo, the Dark Wizards' apprentice. He acts as the wizards liaison at most times, and in the final battle will be the force that stops them from stopping the revival of the Ancient Dragon.

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Nuare Studio — (c) Blur Studio / Bethesda, “The Elder Scrolls Online – The Siege Cinematic Trailer”

Reference art for Garson, the eldest Silber child.

character concept male human traveler messenger noble highrank realistic Dorn Varnak : Architecte du royaume - Tap the link to shop on our official online store!


NPC Slave serving a Jarl or Nobel house, All Slaves serve an undetermind length of servitude ether to pay off their debt to the house they serve or a punishment for a law broken.


The Witcher 3 - Ciri by IvanCEs The look of determination is clear! I love strong female role-models and characters!


ADVENTURE Mercenary: Mercer Fray: Race, Human: Class: Paladin: Friendly: He stays with the adventurers

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f Warlock w staff underdark female ice mage dragon age inquistion rpg dnd D&D RPG fantasy character concept art Leaena by GerryArthur on DeviantArt

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