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Kaladin jumping the chasm from the bridge. Stormlight Archive.

Day Finished my Way of Kings re-read… so much “ in the last couple of chapters.

Sarene from Elantris

Another has arrived. Today I did something from Elantris. Our dear and witty princess of Teod, Sarene!

stormlight | Tumblr

Shallan Davar from the Stormlight Archives by Brandon Sanderson - anyone have a source for the artist?

The Stormlight Archive - Kaladin and Syl "The Sky Was His"

An ink drawing of Kaladin and Sylphrena from The Stormlight Archive. I gave this to the author himself (Brandon Sanderson) during a signing last week.

Shallan and Pattern!

Shallan Davar and Pattern. I promise ill stop posting Storm light arhcive fan art.

Stormlight Archive - Ink Drawings by ex-m

And Renarin rounds out the Kholins. ^^ These were a lot of fun~ Previous Kholin ink drawings:


part 1 of a quest to draw all the interlude characters is a go, featuring axies the spren collector!

Kaladin Stormblessed | The Stormlight Archives | Brandon Sanderson

Kaladin Stormblessed | The Stormlight Archives | Brandon Sanderson

Kaladin and Shallan

New Stormlight Archive art! In which Kaladin is ridden by the guilt ferrets after hearing Shallan’s history and about her brother. His life would be so dull without the guilt ferrets.

Jasnah expressions (way of kings) by jennytan

Was recently recommended way of kings by Brandon Sanderson by a friend and enjoyed the amazing world! here are some early expressions exploration . Jasnah expressions (way of kings)