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Super Pug To The Rescue!

Hover Pug to the rescue! Reminds me of my grandads pug Daisy

sleepy pug in pug bed so cute!

sleepy pug in pug bed so cute!

pug close-up                                                                                                                                                      More

pug close-up - I'm sure that the designer or ET had to have known a pug well!

Pugs so stunning

Pugs on pugs on pugs on pugs on pugs. WE LOVE PUGS. In this awesome dog compilation by petsami check out some of our favorite pug moments from the petsami vault

"I'm worried, better run like crazy for a few minutes"

Under my Wing Pug Rescue is where I got my male pug. An amazing organization that takes in any pug they can. If you are looking to adopt a pug I highly suggest checking out their website :)