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Surrealistic Horror

This is a creepy photo manipulation. Just thinking about a hand coming out of the bottom eyelid gives me the chills. I really like the detail work of this. the shadowing behind the hand is done really well.

Creative Photo Manipulations by Anthony Hearsey #inspiration #photography

Creative Photo Manipulations by Anthony Hearsey I like the surreal quality to this photo and the way it makes the normally waxy apple exterior seem brittle.

reality - denial

This photo manipulation is different, I'm not sure how the drops were formed to create fish and birds, but I think it's a cool idea. The wavy lines of the ink inside also looks like waves, giving an ocean effect.

a série “Inside my dreams“, du photographe marocain Achraf Baznani, qui s’amuse à se mettre en scène dans un monde gigantesque à travers des auto-portraits surréalistes et poétiques

Inside my dreams – Le monde surréaliste d’Achraf Baznani

The surreal imagery of Achraf Baznani, a Moroccan photographer and filmmaker. Achraf Baznani is a self-taught photographer and filmmaker from Morocco.

thumbs photomanipulations 2011 009 406x700 Manipulação de Fotos: Por Michael Oswald

Photo Manipulations and Digital Art by Michael Oswald. Michael Oswald is a digital artist with a unique style. His technique involves a combination of phot

Pomme de terre ouverte = poivron

A classic but beautiful example of photo manipulation~ traditional but awesome!

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Awesome design, very simple but one of my favorties. Everything is very similar in color, excelent blening of the branch & pencil, looks very realisstic and still has strong character!


who / where / when: Photographer named Tash, at a beautiful beach, June what: Octopus girl doesn’t look human with her 8 extra arms. She stands on black and white logs while the tran…