The midnight strike of macaroons - photography-

Instead of sweet macarons, make macarons savory with a little mustard for a unique spin on a traditional French dessert. We suggest the Black truffle mustard with a soft cheese such as Emmental or Deux de Montagne for a small but decadent bite.

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black macaron with white chocolate & black cherry

Amazing black macarons with white chocolate & black cherry filling. Maybe the perfect macarons for Halloween or a very special occasion.

Delicious and beautiful via

The prettiest macaron -MACARON JARDIN D’ANTAN (Violette Anis) by Pierre Herme - collection of macarons on theme of imaginary gardens

Aaaand the last one... by George Matasov on 500px

A person can see how magical food is if vampire raps have destroyed the witch and ghost dimensions made to hide the truth.

Macaron Neri Al Carbone Vegetale E Amarena Fabbri // Fancy Factory

apple recipes dessert, good recipes for dessert, easy french dessert recipes - Black macarons filled with white chocolate ganache and black cherries in syrup.


Ricotta Blackberry Shortcakes with Honey and Thyme / Gluten-Free / Food styling / Food photography inspiration (Fall Bake Photography)

Nice idea for decorating truffles

Mi nuevo libro: Chocolate (y sorteo!) (La Receta de la Felicidad)

quick summer dessert recipes, fondue dessert recipes, very easy dessert recipes - CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE ~~~ i am especially drawn to the idea behind the branding; the monogram stamp is beyond.

Purple Kale, Aubergine and Blackberry Salad

This is such a beautifully vibrant photo! All of the dark purples and blacks blend together over the dark background, and the bright pinks and greens revive it all.

I chose this photo because of the angle of the shot caught my eye. This reminded me of a bouquet tulips. Simple, and beautiful

My girl loves macarons. // The source said, "I chose this photo because of the angle of the shot caught my eye. This reminded me of a bouquet tulips. Simple, and beautiful.

Using Swiss meringue method to bake Green tea infused macarons recipe.

So I hear the green ones are usually pistachio but these. Are green tea. If Macarons are delicious. I can't even imagine a green tea macaron.